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BNY Mellon Wealth Management ranks among the nation's leading wealth managers, with more than 200 years experience providing investment management, wealth and estate planning, and private banking and finance capabilities to financially successful individuals and families, their family offices and business enterprises, charitable giving programs, and endowments and foundations.

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Tissue Genetics - LEN Client
Developing new diagnostic methods and drugs to bring patients and cures closer together.

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CTEK in 2008

It is at this time of year that we often plan and look toward future; aiming and resolving to be better at everything we do - from parenting to management, from our relationships to our health. But often, we actually learn the most, and set the stage for our greatest accomplishments, by reviewing the year past. What has worked? What has not? What was good? What wasn't so good?

CTEK has been undertaking just such an effort.

Resolving to do the same things, but to do them better may not be the answer, or the right path to take. Doing different things, or doing things differently, however, is often the hardest path to take. It is the path we are taking at CTEK.

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CTEK a Founding Partner of the Eighth Continent Project

CTEK is proud to be a founding partner of The Eighth Continent Project, the world's most comprehensive program to integrate space technology and resources into the global economy.  Launched on August 24, 2007 at the Colorado School of Mines Center for Space Resources, Eighth Continent provides the infrastructure and resources to solve a wide range of challenges from global warming to renewable energy development.

"The immediate terrestrial application of space technologies, and their longer-term space applications, can make for a compelling long-term investment with short-term and significant revenue streams," said Gary Held, CTEK president. "The Eighth Continent Project is a 'first of its kind' and CTEK is thrilled to be a founding partner and to bring our angel and venture investing, technology transfer, and incubator experience to bear."

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