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BNY Mellon Wealth Management ranks among the nation's leading wealth managers, with more than 200 years experience providing investment management, wealth and estate planning, and private banking and finance capabilities to financially successful individuals and families, their family offices and business enterprises, charitable giving programs, and endowments and foundations.

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Tissue Genetics - LEN Client
Developing new diagnostic methods and drugs to bring patients and cures closer together.

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Changing Times - Changing Roles

Over the past twenty years, CTEK has done much and accomplished more. CTEK was formed to develop, support and serve the entrepreneurial community (History). However, times have changed and CTEK must also change if we are to advance and further our mission: Helping Entrepreneurs Build Profitable and Sustainable Businesses.

As a result, CTEK is re-making itself with the following vision:

For those elements of the entrepreneurial environment that are being filled we will support these activities by providing coordination of their efforts, preventing duplication, improving their offerings, easing access by entrepreneurs and much more.

For those needs that are not being filled, we need to fill them and develop a self-sustaining model that can be replicated.

With the capital, education, and knowledge and expertise being filled by multiple entities, and with technology commercialization being a complex issue involving multiple parties, none of our efforts can be successful without the ability to create alliances in pursuit of their common goals.

In light of all of this, through the creation of alliances, we can leverage our assets of our database and our relationships to further our mission. To that end we are creating four Alliances:

  • The Alliance for New Venture Development
  • The Alliance for New Venture Funding
  • The Alliance for New Venture Technologies
  • The Alliance for New Venture Education

Special Thanks

Each of these alliances is in a different stage of development. One has already been launched (The Alliance for New Venture Technologies), another is ready to launch (The Alliance for New Venture Development), and the remaining two are a few months down the road.

I would like to thank the CTEK sponsors listed on our web site. Without their support none of our prior activities or new initiatives would have been possible.

In addition, there have been many people who personally sacrificed their time, expertise and services to help us in thinking this through and putting this all together, often in addition to their support as sponsors.